【新唐人2012年2月15日訊】 【看新聞學英語】 Melbourne Prime Minister Welcomes Chinese New Year 墨爾本總理歡迎中國新年【新聞關鍵字】 1. delight: [dɪˋlaɪtɪd] adj.高興的2. settlement: [ˋsɛt!mənt] n. 移民、定居3. try one’s hand at: ph.試著做…. 4. contribution: [͵kɑntrəˋbjuʃən] n.貢獻5. overstate: [ˋovɚˋstet] v.誇張6. interwoven: [ˋɪntɚˋwovən] n.交織7. kick off: ph.開始8. waking: [ˋwekɪŋ] adj.清醒的9. a series of: ph.一連串10. symbol: [ˋsɪmb!] n.象徵11. turn up: ph.出現、發生12. organizer: [ˋɔrgə͵naɪzɚ] n.組織者Australia’s Prime Minister Julia Gillard became the country’s first leader to attend Melbourne’s Chinese New Year celebrations on Sunday. 澳大利亞總理朱莉婭吉拉德,成為全國第一位參加週日墨爾本的中國新年慶祝活動。 Members of Melbourne’s Federation of Chinese Association welcomed Ms. Gillard to the festival, performing the traditional dragon dance. 墨爾本中國協會的成員,用傳統舞龍的表演,歡迎吉拉德女士。 [Julia Gillard, Australian Prime Minister]: “I am especially delighted to be here in Chinatown, not just a place loved by every Melburnian, but said to be some of the oldest continuous Chinese settelment in the world.” 澳大利亞總理朱莉婭吉拉德說: 「我來到唐人街這裡特別高興,因為這裡不但是墨爾本人喜愛的地方,也被認為是世界上,中國人移居澳洲歷史最久的地方」 Several federal and state politicians also attended the festival, with Victorian Premier Ted Bailliue trying his hand at the Chinese language. 許多聯邦和州政治治人物也參加此項慶典,維多利亞州總理Ted Bailliue還試著說

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