DaAi TV 週一到週五每日首播–AM 00:30 每日重播–AM 07:30 Aid for Indonesian fire victims Green fall and winter fashion Spreading love and peace Welcome to Da Ai Headlines. I”m Leeway Tsai. Thank you for joining us. ●After a fire broke out in a shanty town in Indonesia, Tzu Chi volunteers distribute supplies for 12 affected families. ●Da Ai Technology, together with five garment manufacturers in Taiwan, has created a new line of clothing, that is both green and stylish. ●And, we look at how Tzu Chi”s long-term peace promotion campaign, “Spread the Seeds of Love”, was conceived after a spate of disasters in 2001. 歡迎收看英語新聞,我是蔡力薇,感恩你的加入。 ●印尼貧民區發生一場大火後,慈濟志工立即動員物資發放給12戶受災家庭●大愛感恩科技與台灣五個紡織廠一起研發環保衣物,既環保又具流行●接著,帶大家看慈濟長期推動的愛灑人間活動,在2001年一連串災難後,是如何發起的1.印火災發放Fire aid at Bantar Gebang 2.澳星兒關懷Children of the Stars program 3.劉大潭慈濟演講Inventor overcomes personal tragedy 4.失智症治療Living with dementia 5.關懷圓星夢Fame at last 6.紡織展綠發表Creating a line of DAAI clothing 7.四川環保培訓Training new recycling volunteers 8.四川梁鼎瓊Leukemia sufferer thrives in Tzu Chi 9.1014歷史的今天On this day, the 14th of October 10.一人一善Spreading the seeds of love 11.大林做紅包Making red envelopes at Dalin END:法國環保參訪*影音及文字之著作權屬大愛電視台所有.

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