由宇萌數位製作的”AR的魔幻感動- 擴增實境的幸福體驗”,10/22~10/30於世貿南港展覽館的2011臺北世界設計大展「幸福家居」展區展出囉! 現場體驗⋯⋯將可利用AR擴增實境技術(Augmented Reality),完成你長久以來的設計夢想,感受人與設計的完美互動。你,才是最了解自己需求的室內設計師! ARPlanet Company is engaging in the total solution with interactive technology、digital contents and marketing integrations. The company develops the global newest interactive platform and marketing application using augmented reality technology (AR). With AR, users can dynamically play with 3D contents through a webcam in real-time via networking. Using Augmented Reality technology, ARPlanet already create two successful platforms- Book school and 3D magic Card and enter into education and social market. ARPlanet company is one of the leading companies which develop the newest marketing event with interactive body-sense augmented reality(AR) technology. The customers of ARPlanet include well-known brands such as Oglivy、Taishin bank、LG、JP morgan、motorola、Asus、Nissan、Davidoff etc.

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