【新唐人2012年3月22日訊】【看新聞學英語】 China’s Trade Deficit Widens as Export Falls 中國貿易逆差擴大,因為出口下降By Jessie Chen, David Lee 【新聞關鍵字】 1. trade deficit: [tred] [ˋdɛfɪsɪt]ph. A negative balance of trade, ie imports exceed exports. 貿易逆差2. widen: [ˋwaɪdn]v. to make or become damp擴大3. dampen: [ˋdæmpən]v. to make damp抑制、挫阻4. total: [ˋtot!] v. to reach a total of; amount of 合計、總計5. release: [rɪˋlis] v. allow (news or information) to be made known 發行、發表6. indicator: [ˋɪndə͵ketɚ] n. something that provides an indication, esp of trends指標7. worsen: [ˋwɝsn] v. to grow or cause to grow worse使惡化8. exceed: [ɪkˋsid]v. to surpass others超過9. raw material: [rɔ] [məˋtɪrɪəl] ph material before being processed原料. 10. trade surplus: [tred] [ˋsɝpləs] ph. A positive of trade, ie exports exceed imports貿易順差11. experience: [ɪkˋspɪrɪəns] v. to have experience of; meet with; undergo;經歷12. stall: [stɔl]v. to delay or put off托延China’s trade deficit hit $31.49 billion in February as exports were dampened by the Eurozone debt crisis and a slow recovery of the US economy. 中國貿易逆差二月達到31.49億美元,出口因受歐元區債務危機,還有美國經濟復甦緩慢而降低。 China’s exports totaled $114.47 billion in February, while imports totaled $145.96 billion. The trade deficit is the difference between the imports and exports, which gives $31.49 billion. 二月,中國出口總額為114.47億美元,進口總額為145.96億美元,因而產生貿易逆差$31.49億美元。 The data

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