by Blue Phoenix New Media Arts青鳥新媒體藝術www.bluephoenix-art.com 2004.10 國巨YAGEO公司MLCC 中國國際通信設備技術展覽會北京中國國際展覽中心展示設計案Oct 2004 Beijing China International Exhibition Center, PT/Wireless & Networks Comm China, YAGEO’s Exhibition, Project Designing 2004.10 MLCC 中國國際通信設備技術展覽會北京中國國際展覽中心國巨YAGEO公司展示設計案對於未來的生活,可以有多少的想像及期待? 浩瀚宇宙、無限寬廣的星空裡,偶然出現的訊息,我們看到國巨提出的願景。在未來家庭的想像裡,AI熊貓和人之間的互動又是如何?科技不再冰冷有距離,而是讓夢想接近,生活更愜意。國巨對未來生活的夢想,透過青鳥的設計與實現將企業的遠見與視野傳遞給每一位觀眾。 PT/Wireless & Networks Comm China Beijing China International Exhibition Center YAGEO’s Exhibition Designing Project How much imagination and expectation could we have to the future life? The cosmos is vast and the sky is unlimited. The message emerges accidentally; we see YAGEO’s aspiration. How is the interaction between the artificial intelligence (AI) panda and human in the imagination of the future family? Technology is no longer cold and has distances but makes our dreams closer and lives better. YAGEO’s dream to the future life will transmit its business’ perspective and vision to every audience through the design and implement by BluePhoenix New Media Arts.


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