DaAi TV 週一到週五每日首播–AM 00:30 每日重播–AM 07:30 500 families helped in Guatemala Back to normal at Japan TC office Swedish mouth-painter in Taiwan Welcome to Da Ai Headlines. I”m Anthony Carlisle. Thank you for joining us. ●Coming up in today”s show, Tzu Chi volunteers in Guatemala help a disaster-stricken town, handing out supplies to nearly 500 households. ●Tzu Chi volunteers in Japan finally get a chance to catch their breath and reflect on the March earthquake and tsunami. ●And a Swedish painter born without arms returns to Taiwan to inspire other people living with disabilities. 歡迎收看英語新聞,我是安東尼,感恩你的加入。 ●今天節目一開始來看,瓜地馬拉慈濟志工,來到受災區為500戶帶來物資援助。 ●日本慈濟志工利用時間,恢復聯誼活動,分享311地震海嘯的感受。 ●瑞典肢體障礙藝術家,他沒有雙手,來到台灣鼓勵也是身障的朋友。 今日新聞提要: 1.莫德斯度義診Free clinic for Hispanic community 2.瓜地馬拉發放Disaster relief in Cuilapa 3.印尼林金水Helping a stricken senior 4.花慈院器捐Selfless sacrifice of the Zhus 5.四川韓秀珍Puan recycling point in Hanwang 6.紡織展Eco-friendly fashion 7.勸素光碟Vegi talk CD makes a mark 8.印志工培訓500 attend volunteer training 9.印人醫培訓TIMA training course at Cengkareng 10.日本志工聯誼Monthly meetings resume in Tokyo 11.1013歷史的今天On this day, the 13th of October 12.無手藝術家Swedish disabled painter inspires 13.高親子電影Family theme at Kaohsiung Film Festival END:澎湖水懺共修

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