All around the world, the textile and apparel industry is changing. A tougher global economy is decreasing profitability and presenting new challenges for manufacturers. Now, more than ever, companies everywhere are scrambling to find innovative and effective ways to cut costs, streamline operations and improve production while satisfying customer demands. We are under severe competitive stress. If companies don’t get themselves prepared to plan better, to execute better, to fulfill customer requirements over and above just cuttable fabric, they will not survive. Fortunately, Datatex can help. With state-of-the-art, flexible ERP solutions designed to be easily adaptabtle to your way of running your business and specialized for textile, apparel and carpet manufacturing, Datatex is brining an exciting new level of information technology to factories, warehouses and offices worldwide. Founded in 1987 by experienced textile management consultants and innovative software developers, Datatex is now a highly-respected multinational and multilingual industry leader with offices in five countries and more than eleven thousand workstations in over four hundred implementations in 42 countries. No other ERP provider has a larger installed base of software in the textile industry and no one continues to meet the unique demands of this industry as effectively as Datatex. From one location to companies with many locations in many countries, Datatex will work with you to find the right


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