在聖保羅的公平羅爾斯。半通過回收利用的可持續性是沒有扔掉所有輥,讀的人知道他們的脖子將購買APENA的拿錢或東西,使產品或類型的服裝交易會的交流,你會發現一切都是很奇怪的是+。他們總是以同樣的方式。嵌入在貧民區,在國有資本的局限,就業和失業人員,還需要你的孩子得到現實生活中的意義,他們攜帶新的和用過的物品,並開始交易。這是打破當前遺棄在街上的任何一個可持續發展的替代。Fair Rolls in SAO PAULO. ½ to sustainability through recycling is nothing to throw away all the roll, the person who read it know what they are neck will buy apena take the money or something to make exchanges of products or types of clothing in trade fairs you find the everything is all that is strange is +. They always start the same way. In poor neighborhoods, embedded in the confines of the state capital, employed and unemployed people also take your child to get a sense of real life, they carry new and used goods and begin to trade. It is a sustainable alternative to break the current abandonment of anything in the street.

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